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About Us

The sound of La Byle  [ˈLa:baɪ̯liː] is a feverish percussive driven social statement. The umbanda rhythms cut up into electronic dancefloor disorientation stays true to its ritual practice.

La Byle’s spice confidently breaks through borders with a fun, humorous, and provocative vantage point.

Performing with a stage presence worthy of sacrifice and of audience reciprocation, this act demands direct interaction. The group celebrates its diversity by embracing their cultural differences merging into this funky reappropriation of groovy.

The crew: Babix, Sera Kalo, Pitota, Cara Muru and Luana Madikera share cultural roots in the Global South (South America, the Caribbean, and Africa) and are active members of the QTBIPOC+ community in Berlin. In recent years, La By’le has been a local support for international artists like Mc Carol and Deize Tigrona. They have also organized dance workshops featuring Sabrina Ginga (Heavy Baile), VN, and Sheik (Nego do Borel). In 2020, La By’le was recognized and twice awarded by the Club Commission Berlin for their outstanding contribution to Berlin’s club culture and music scene. Baile Funk just as many forms of music is predominantly represented by sexist tropes. Demonstrating their fight against patriarchy through the grasping of sexual complexity, you are invited to shake every part of your body against the violence that constrain all of us. If you don’t understand one of the four languages used to explain, the performance will do well enough.

Meet the Crew:

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