“trio in the mix with Baile funk, hip hop and rap sings about the adventures of being a citizen in the german capital.”

In 2017 the band began their musical journey after a musical exchange between the singer Tâmera Vinhas - from Rio de Janeiro, living in Berlin from 2013 - and the rapper, singer and producer Cara Muru - also resident in the German capital, but natural of Bremen, with Brazilian origin. Both wanted to bring the Baile Funk culture to Berlin, mixing the atmosphere of self-esteem and celebration typical of the parties that had arisen in the communities/ghettos/slums (morro) of Rio with other influences, such as German hip hop, afro music, tecnobrega and slow reggaeton. For that, they composed singles like Kottibuceta and Total Broke.
Soon Luana Madikera, also known as Madame Royal, joined the project after. Dancer of French and Caribbean origin, she enriched the performances of La By'Le with her afrohouse movements and backing vocals. The idea now is that she also is rapping in some songs: with this, the new songs will mix not only German and Portuguese, but also French.

Their first EP was released in November 2018 and is available at all popular platforms.